Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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I would hope that everyone affected by this situation contact their political representatives and complain. If we just sit and take it, they will be more than happy to just ignore us.

 Peter Dixon, East Rockaway

Endorses Kayen for school board

To the Editor:

I grew up in Lynbrook and attended West End Elementary up through Lynbrook High School. It was, and still is, a great place to grow up. 

When I moved back to Lynbrook, recently, Dr. William Kayen went out of his way to be helpful and encouraging, explaining the opportunities for my sons in this community.   I have known Bill for many years, and he has always been positive and enthusiastic about the school district. He’s creative when it comes to finding solutions, thinking out-of- the-box to help come to the optimal resolution to benefit all of our children while at the same time being careful about spending our taxes. 

It is for these reasons that I wholeheartedly endorse re-electing Dr. Kayen for Lynbrook school board trustee.

Lorraine DeLucca, Lynbrook

Supports Nicoletti, Ochtera in E.R.

To the Editor:

As one of the veteran members of the East Rockaway Board of Education, I wish to comment on my two fellow board members, Patti Nicoletti and Kristin Ochtera.

Since their election to the board three years ago, these two women have dedicated themselves to the advancement of the East Rockaway School District. Both of them have completed advanced training in the New York State School Boards Association. They have done much research regarding school board policy so that they can make educated decisions and give vital input at board meetings.

Nicoletti proposed and implemented a BOE email address system so that our board members are more accessible to the community. As board president, Ochtera spent many hours overseeing the rebuilding of East Rockaway High School and Rhame Avenue Elementary after Hurricane Sandy.

These two individuals have a wealth of knowledge regarding education, since they are both trained educators themselves.

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