Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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The coming year in our district will be a very challenging year for the board. The training of a new superintendent, implementation of the Common Core curriculum, and continued mandates from the State Education Department will create many issues that will require an experienced and educated board.

It is for these reasons that I endorse the reelection of Nicoletti and Ochtera. They will give the district the necessary stability, experience and knowledge to deal with the many challenges that we will face in the coming year.

Neil Schloth, East Rockaway school board

Curran should start at the top to target corruption

To the Editor:

Assemblyman Brian Curran’s column in last week’s Herald, with regard to the corruption in the New York State Legislature, while certainly on target, was, sadly to say, old news (“New York State’s hideous culture of corruption”).

 The apparently rampant corruption and lack of ethics has gone on for a long time. Curran’s column reminded me of the time when our highly regarded and well-respected (by some, after all he already has a park named after him) State Sen. Dean Skelos allied himself with two of the most corrupt and unethical state senators, Hiram Monserrat and Pedro Espada, just to be able to become the Senate majority leader.

While this maneuver may not have been illegal, it was, in my opinion, unethical. I imagine Skelos must have made some deal with these disgraced individuals to get them to change their party affiliation. Is being unethical the price of political power in New York?

Since he is the ranking member of the New York State Assembly Committee on Ethics and Guidance, I hope Curran can do something to remedy the situation in not only the Assembly but also the Senate. Maybe he should start at the top.

Mark Gold, Lynbrook

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