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Facts contradict columnist Kreiss

To the Editor:
I would be very interested to see if Randi Kreiss will redress her thoughts regarding anti-Semitism and the repulsive graffiti found at the LIRR station in Cedarhurst. Ms. Kreiss used the opportunity to cast her net of accusation pretty wide in America, including, of course, viewers of Fox News in her indictment (“Insults, old as the ages, scrawled on the walls,” Jan 30-Feb. 5). It turns out the graffitti was perpetrated by a Yeshiva student — turning upside down the facts and implications of the case.
This sort of thing happens all the time — most recently at Vassar and Oberlin colleges. It also happens on Fox News forum boards. Though the racist offenses are proved to be perpetrated by members of the victimized group themselves — somehow the rest of society remain under interdict for being secretly racist anyway. I, for one, am sick of it. 
Yes, there are bigots in our society. Guess what? They belong to every group, every faith and every age. And those who beat the drums of racial accusation and division at every opportunity accomplish the exact opposite of what we all want — a law-abiding, peaceful society. They anger and exhaust people who are tired of having to prove that they’re not racist.
So can we give it a break for a while? Maybe Ms. Kreiss can write an insightful essay on jumping to conclusions. I’d be happy to read it.

Scott Salvato
Valley Stream

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