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Monday, May 30, 2016
'Medical' marijuana — we should look before we leap

Marijuana legalization is all the rage these days, much to my chagrin. I oppose it. Always have. Always will.

Now, of course, I will receive a litany of calls and emails debating legalization’s merits, as I do whenever I come out against it. Leave your messages. Send your missives. My position will remain unchanged. And, anyway, legalization isn’t precisely what I want to talk about this week.

Instead, I want to address the dangerous notion that marijuana is medicine.

Libertarians have long argued that the federal government should legalize marijuana because of its perceived medicinal value. For them it’s a wonder drug. Apparently, libertarians are winning the public relations war. After all, even my conservative colleague Al D’Amato now refers to marijuana as “medicine.” In his Feb. 20-26 column, “Time to face the new reality of medical marijuana,” D’Amato wrote, “Marijuana has become a viable form of alternative medicine for those suffering from many debilitating diseases such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, cancer and others. When traditional medicine fails to offer relief, why not give patients alternatives?”

I support employing any safe, proven measures to relieve patients’ suffering. The trouble is this: There are reams of misinformation out there favoring the use of so-called “medical” marijuana, which accounts for its high public approval rating. Marijuana policy, however, should be guided not by opinion polls, but by science.

The federal Food and Drug Administration has not approved marijuana for medical use, and the major medical societies do not see it as medicine. Yes, they recognize that its active ingredient — tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC –– may relieve chemotherapy’s terrible side effects and the debilitating symptoms of a number of diseases.


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Let's talk about "reams of misinformation" shall we? Because that is EXACTLY what your editorial consists of. Had you truly done your research into this before just spewing your opinion, you might have noticed and reported more accurate findings. For starters... The Compassionate Care Act is not Governor Cuomo's plan to distribute marijuana through 20 hospitals. That is a 1980 law that he is trying to re-enact as a research project. The Compassionate Care Act is a comprehensive, tightly regulated bill written by Senator's Gottfried and Savino, to allow severely ill patients access to a small amount of medical marijuana through their physicians, all through the Dept of Health. Had you done your due diligence you also would have found TONS of information and physician findings about children who are DYING from their epilepsies who have their lives restored because of certain strains of medical marijuana. You speak of long term effects? Ever thought about the damaging short term effects of the horrible drugs these children have to take that don't even work? Many of these children have no long term because they will die from the ravages of the seizures. Your ignorance and lack of at least getting yourself fully educated is despicable. Shame on you. I pray that you never have to watch your child seize uncontrollably, but I bet you would change your thinking if you ever had to. Shame on you. Don't punish innocent children for the few who abuse.

Thursday, March 6, 2014 | Report this

Regardless of the way you feel personally Mr. Brinton, isn't it the responsibility to report well researched information that is true, rather than dig up outdated information and misinform the Herald readers? I have been reading and researching the Compassionate Care Act for awhile now and you obviously don't know what you are talking about. How can anyone continue to read what you print when you obviously don't do the legwork to get the right information to back you up. Unfortunately you used the Herald to share your views. You have no journalistic integrity.! It is apparent that you had nothing to write about in this issue so grasped at straws, saw what has been in recent headlines and spent a few minutes online before writing your piece! I am asking you, for all those who could benefit from the CC Act, please please don't do any more reporting on this matter! God help you if you are ever in the shoes of so many who could benefit from Compassionate Care Act! Poor journalism like this is so irresponsible!

Thursday, March 6, 2014 | Report this
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