Only Suozzi can lead Nassau County to a brighter future

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Mangano claims he has “held the line” on taxes and wants us to thank him for it, but look at your tax bill and you’ll clearly see that taxes have increased during his tenure. School tax rates have gone up an average of almost 20 percent over the past two years — well over the state-mandated 2 percent tax cap. This additional tax rate — the “Mangano tax” — is directly attributable to his failed policies and mismanagement of our assessment system.

Mangano has criticized Suozzi for accepting the salary that was recommended by a bipartisan commission in 2007, to keep county elected officials’ salaries in line with those of surrounding areas. If Mangano wasn’t in favor of the salary, he could have returned the increase, or perhaps used the extra $260,000 he has collected during his term to help balance the budget, neither of which he has done.

Suozzi understands the problems facing our future, and is the only candidate with the leadership skills and vision to make this county great, but he also realizes that some things must change in order to usher in a brighter tomorrow. That’s why I support him, and why he has earned the endorsement of many others, including The New York Times, Newsday, former President Bill Clinton and Governor Cuomo.

In analyzing the race, Newsday wrote, “In almost no case has Mangano made significant progress to corral the county’s major problems, nor has he shared a compelling agenda for Nassau’s growth.

“Suozzi brings the vision, vigor and experience needed to solve the county’s problems and restore its luster.”

And The New York Times wrote, “Mr. Suozzi is back with the same excellent agenda. It centers on restoring reality-based budgeting, overall competence and redeveloping downtowns as economic engines of an aging suburb that has no room to sprawl.

“It will take Mr. Suozzi, whom we recommend with enthusiasm, to get Nassau moving forward again.”

But perhaps President Bill Clinton said it best when he endorsed Suozzi last week, saying, “Tom Suozzi is the only candidate with the theory and the vision on how to revive Nassau’s economy and how to make this a ‘future’ place once again.”

Next Tuesday, vote like your future depends on it. Vote for Tom Suozzi, the leadership Nassau needs now.

Michael Zapson is the chairman of the Long Beach Democratic Committee, and a former Nassau County legislator and Long Beach City councilman.

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