Herald Endorsement

Re-elect Kathleen Rice in 4th C.D.


The Herald enthusiastically endorses Kathleen Rice for Congress. Rice, a Democrat from Garden City, has represented the 4th Congressional District since 2014, and we see no reason to replace her. She is a moderate voice of reason in Washington, which, sadly, has devolved into a caldron of hyperpartisanship, largely stoked by Congress's GOP majority.

Rice succeeded Carolyn McCarthy, who won elected office in the wake of the 1993 Long Island Rail Road massacre, ion which Colin Ferguson shot six people to death and wounded 19 others. McCarthy's husband was killed and their son seriously injured in the attack.

Rice, whom McCarthy endorsed in 2014, pledged to do all she could to enact tougher gun laws. And if the House were to revert back to Democratic control, we believe she would play a central role in that process. As Nassau County's district attorney from 2006 to 2015, Rice all too often saw the tragedy of gun violence play out, she has said. It's no wonder she is committed to reasonable gun control.

Rice demonstrated innovative and independent thinking during her eight years as D.A. She established a long record of bipartisanship, working with Republicans on key law enforcement issues — most notably DWI legislation. We admire her ability to work with Republicans to enact legislation to protect the public.

Her opponent, Marine Lt. Col. David Gurfein, a Republican, served his country admirably, and we thank him for that service. He also clearly has a keen mind for business, having graduated from Harvard's business school. He is a political neophyte, however, without the requisite experience to represent the 4th C.D. Moreover, a win for Gurfein would only give the GOP a firmer stranglehold over the legislative process in Washington.

We encourage voters to support Rice on Election Day.