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Community is prominent in the descriptions above. The Rockville Centre community includes families with students in the public schools, families with students in non-public schools and families with no students in school — all of whom pay taxes to support our community and its public schools and deserve to have someone on the Board of Education looking out for the concerns of all the community members, and that person is Lynda Rubino.

Walter Josiah

Rockville Centre

Vote for Rubino

To the Editor:

We enthusiastically support Lynda Rubino for the Board of Education. We have known Lynda for many years and she is honest, hardworking, approachable and fully committed to our community.

We all want the best education for our children. Lynda will be able to bring a set of fresh eyes to the Board of Education as it embarks on implementing the school construction bond. The board has, for the first time in its history, proposed a school budget over $100 million. Lynda will bring fiscal transparency and accountability to the board.

She has many years of experience in analyzing budgets and negotiating contracts, which we will need in order to find a balance between fairness to district employees and also fairness to local taxpayers. Through her work as a CPA, Lynda will be able to clearly explain the annual budget numbers to the community to ensure that the district will be using our tax dollars wisely and more efficiently.

Lynda is committed to the continued excellence and success of Rockville Centre schools. She is committed to our children. She is committed to fiscal transparency and accountability. Please join us in voting for Lynda Rubino on Tuesday.

Chris and Bridget Kelly

Rockville Centre

Cast your vote for O’Shea

To the Editor:

I am writing to voice my support for my friend, Rockville Centre Public Schools Board of Education incumbent John O’Shea.

I have three children in our public schools. As a parent, and a taxpayer, I feel that John’s contributions and position on the board have led to improvements within our schools that have benefited all of the children in the district while continuing to be fiscally prudent with every aspect of the budget.

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