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Among his many strong assets, over the past three years as trustee, John has been a fiscal conservative and has primarily focused on listening to, and representing, the community taxpayers. He has brought a voice of reason, candor and passion for achieving the highest possible level of education for each student.

With the economic challenges we face in the midst of rising costs and declining economic conditions, we must re-elect John O’Shea to continue his dedication to the board and to our community.

While most of us have not attended or participated in budget workshop meetings, by re-electing John, we can rest assured we are being represented by a devoted man who is experienced in all aspects of budgeting, negotiating and planning, as it specifically relates to a multi-million dollar school district budget.

I urge you to vote on Tuesday for incumbent John O’Shea. He is our voice in our shared responsibility that values the strong and vibrant public education system in Rockville Centre.

Kim Lanzillotta

Rockville Centre

O’Shea for school board

To the Editor:

If you have or had children attend Rockville Centre schools, or if you care about maintaining our school district as one of the best in New York State, I urge you to re-elect John O’Shea to the Rockville Centre Board of Education.

I’ve known John and his family for more than 15 years, and he is a man of integrity, good judgment, business sense and strong values. Through his service on the school board for the last three years and as an owner of his own small business in town, John understands the need to prudently manage the school district’s budget.

At the same time he is practical-minded about the value of a strong public school system and the impact it has not only on our property values, but also on the lives of so many children in our community through their academic development and through providing them with opportunities to participate in, and often excel at, sports, arts and music.

John has served the community well over the last three years and has been creative in finding ways to save money and spend budgeted dollars wisely. The current budget, like last year’s, came in below the 2 percent cap.

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