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In addition to being experienced, thoughtful and conservative when it comes to budget matters, John has a broader vision and has good judgment and valuable insights when it comes to non-budget issues — issues that impact the quality of education and the overall school experience (sports, arts, music, etc.) that the children in our community receive.

It is important to remember that the school board makes many meaningful decisions besides proposing a budget. I’ve attended a number of school board meetings over the last few years and John has been a voice of reason in the numerous vital issues that have come before the board.

In my view, a singular focus on the size of the school budget is too narrow and threatens to cause a serious deterioration in the quality of our public schools. And when that happens, other bad things follow, as can be witnessed in other Long Island communities whose schools have fallen behind. John is the most qualified candidate to advance the interests of the entire community as a member of the school board and I urge residents to vote for him on Tuesday.

Tony Colletta

Rockville Centre

Support O’Shea

To the Editor:

I support John O’Shea’s re-election to a second term on the Board of Education. He has been highly effective and excels at juggling the educational integrity while maintaining fiscal responsibility. I have witnessed John’s dedication to our district over many years. He has been an extremely valuable board member who has taken a leadership role in initiating ways to save money. I ask for you to join me in electing him for three more years.

John is an intelligent, sincere and approachable man who works diligently for our community and really has our kids’ best interest at heart. He is well versed on the scope of the district’s challenges and is more than willing to address the concerns of all residents.

I support John because it is paramount to him to lower costs while preserving the integrity of the superior educational and extracurricular programs offered to our children. In fact, eliminating waste was the platform of his first term and I applaud his success.

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