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As it is our responsibility to stand up for what we believe in, it is also our responsibility to be informed. John began to gather information back in 2008; he knew we could do better. If you intend to make a difference, it is necessary to be armed with accurate information on not only the process but the bureaucracy which limits, delays and often prohibits our efforts. After challenging the board at countless budget meetings, John ran for trustee and won.

Implementing change on any board or in any public office, due to the process, takes determination and time. It took three years, but the line for capital improvements was restored, while many residents were completely unaware it was missing. In his tenure John has been the advocate for fiscal responsibility on the board, passing two budgets within the 2 percent tax cap, utilizing a duel fuel energy efficient system in each of our buildings without any additional cost to the taxpayer. He is promoting change, and we the tax payer have benefitted.

While our infrastructure is disintegrating, our high school students are nationally ranked and they deserve better. Our changing needs must be met with forward-thinking programs to promote growth while exercising fiscal restraint. John will press the state for answers, continue to be a conservative voice on the board and continue to fight for the education of our children. Please, on Tuesday , vote for John O’Shea.

Kathy LaMacchia

Rockville Centre

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