Rockville Centre mayor declares state of emergency in village and school district to close a second day


Village officials released a message Monday afternoon through the Swift911 system declaring a state of emergency in Rockville Centre.

According to village spokesman Jeff Kluewer, Murray has ordered that no vehicles will
be allowed to park on Village streets until Wednesday, Oct. 31 and that all businesses in the village must close by 3 p.m. today, Monday, Oct. 29.
"Residents are reminded that the Nassau County Executive has ordered an
immediate, mandatory evacuation of all residences south of Merrick Road in
Rockville Centre," the message read. "Residents who live south of Merrick Road are advised that they cannot expect emergency response in the evacuation area during this storm."
The message added that residents of Rockville Centre are advised that they cannot expect emergency response during the period of sustained high velocity winds that

are expected during this storm. 

Rockville Centre officials are asking residents to take precaution in advance of expected severe weather from Hurricane Sandy, and the Rockville Centre School District confirmed that schools would be closed Monday and Tuesday as a result of the storm.

Village officials released a message through their Swift911 system that makes phone calls and sends text messages and emails to Rockville Centre residents. 

“Please make preparations now for a storm that could cause power outages and blocked roadways from falling trees, branches and power lines,” the message read. “During the storm, it is advisable to stay indoors to avoid injury and to keep streets clear for emergency workers who are clearing roads and restoring power. Stay clear of any downed wires or poles.”

According to Mary Schmeling of Mayor Francis Murray’s office, the village officials have been holding emergency-preparedness meetings since early last week.

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