Jerry Kremer

Some changes I’d like to see


We’ve finally arrived at the holiday season and can start thinking about our wishes for the New Year. By any measure, no one believes this has been a worry-free, happy-go-lucky 12 months. We’re living in dangerous times, and there’s no way we can ignore the perils around us, but we have much to be thankful for. So here are a few of my wishes.

I wish I could remember all the passwords I use to get into my various accounts. Somehow, every time I pick a new password, I forget to record it, confident that I’ll remember it nine months later. There has to be a safe, secure place for me to hide them that Edward Snowden can’t get to.

I wish the weather forecasters would make up their minds about whether we’re in for a sustained winter heat wave or a cold wave, like last year. There’s no sense in buying a heavy overcoat if people are going to be wearing bathing suits in Manhattan in February. I always believed that instead of all those pretty blond weather girls, the networks should hire people with arthritis who will know exactly when it’s going to rain or snow.

I wish the television networks would stop accepting advertisements for various types of drugs. At the beginning of the pitch for the product, it sounds so good, but at the end they whisper that you could die of cancer if you use it. Apparently there aren’t any strong laws governing these ads, other than that drug companies can’t make claims that are untrue.

I wish the national media would stop complaining about all of the positions taken by presidential candidates and instead simply not give them so much free airtime. Griping about Donald Trump’s views on Muslims shouldn’t involve 50 minutes of exposure for Mr. Trump.

I wish all politicians were forced to sign an oath that any promises they make are binding commitments, and if they break them after they’re elected, they could be punished by losing their new jobs. There’s nothing worse than a promise made before an election that isn’t kept after the election.

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