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Who ya gonna call?

For paranormal activity, it's the Snow family of Baldwin


Have you been seeing shadows or hearing strange sounds in your home or at work? Are items being moved from one place to another without explanation? Are doors opening or closing on their own? Do you feel like you are being touched when no one is around? If any or all of these things are going on, it’s very possible that it’s paranormal in origin.

So, who ya gonna call? Although it’s tempting to call them “ghostbusters” — and they certainly don’t mind the moniker — the Snow family of Baldwin will perform an investigation to put your mind at ease — or confirm your fears.

“I’ve always felt that positive presences were around me,” said Michele Snow, 46, who, along with her husband, John, 47, and their children Samantha, 22, Timothy, 20, and Tyler, 16, are the Snow Family Paranormal investigators. Michele and her son, Tim, started the service almost three years ago, and were soon joined by the rest of the family. They work hand in hand with another group called The Paranormal Investigators, who have a chapter in Suffolk Long Island and in Gettysburg, Pa. “It’s extremely important to work with people you can trust,” Michele said.

When she was raising her children, Michele said that, once in a while she could feel a touch on her shoulder. "I turned, and no one was there," she said. But she suspected it was her grandmother, who had died. Michele said she really started to pay attention to the spirit world on New Year’s Eve in 1998, after her father died. “He had been ill, and [his death] affected me tremendously.”

Her mother-in-law died the next August, and soon others that were close to her also died. “I felt like their spirits were around me,” Michele said. “I wasn’t a psychic, or a medium, but I knew I wanted to know more.”

The Snow family decided together that they wanted to find more concrete evidence of the spiritual world — to find proof that something was there.

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