Bellmore author releases 7th novel

‘The Decision’ a suspense-mystery akin to ‘Final Destination’ films


Genre-hopping local author Vincent Scialo has released his seventh novel, six years after his last, and according to him, it’s a tale of mystery and suspense revolving around “the role of chance,” that may remind readers of the “Final Destination” film series.

In the past, Scialo, who works as a bartender while “semi-retired,” has written a fairy tale, a medical thriller, a spiritual novel and more. This time, he said, he believes that his style has improved, and he even took some suggestions from his wife and son on where twisted plot of “The Decision” should go.

Laughing, Scialo said that one of his son’s suggestions was to “just kill all the main characters off” at the end of the novel.

Scialo said that he had been itching to write another novel since his last, but he was “just busy with life” until he sat down in January 2016 and started work on “The Decision.”

“I love writing,” he said. “It’s just the time commitment.”

Scialo self-publishes his books, and only makes roughly 70 cents per copy sold, but said that he regularly receives feedback, and that many readers have been asking him when his next novel would appear. According to him, getting a deal with a publishing house is much more difficult than it may appear.

“Like any industry, it’s who you know,” he said. “Not knowing anybody or any literary agents, it’s tough.”

Scialo’s novels frequently include South Shore locations, and “The Decision” is no exception, with characters from Bellmore and scenes “all around Long Island.”

He will be on-hand to greet his local fans at a book signing on Sept. 17 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. at the Bellmore Memorial Library, and on Aug. 27, at Tropix on the Mile in Freeport from 1 to 5 p.m.