Cedarhurst psychologist donates books going to Israel

Chabad rabbi will bring copies to the Jewish state


Cedarhurst-based child psychologist Dr. Laurie Zelinger’s publisher, Loving Healing Press, donated 10 copies of her book “Please Explain Terrorism to Me: A Story for Children, P-E-A-R-L-S of Wisdom for Their Parents” to children in Israel. 

Rabbi Nochem Tenenboim, the spiritual leader of the Chabad of Hewlett, will give the books, signed by the author, to Rabbi Kutner of Chabad’s Terror Victims Project, a nonprofit organization, this week in the Jewish state.

“Hopefully we are going to look back at these books as history books,” said Tenenboim, who grew up in Israel. He noted on the importance of Zelinger using language in the book that kids could relate to as she wrote about terrorism.

Tenenboim said that the books would go to children in specific schools and communities there who have had their lives impacted by terrorism. “I always want to help kids understand and feel understood,” Zelinger said.