Dead whale found by the Atlantic Beach Bridge


The Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, recieved a report of a dead male humpback whale near the Atlantic Beach Bridge at around 7 a.m. on June 13.

The organization had gotten a report of a whale swimming in Reynolds Channel on June 12, but they are unsure if it is the same animal.

The Town of Hempstead Bay Constable responded. The Conservation Society conducted a necropsy on June 14, after the whale is moved to Alder Island. The whale was 30 feet long and between three and five years old. Tests could take months to confirm the cause of death, according to Rachel Bosworth, the organization's spokeswoman, but the whale had not been eating. It was buried on the beach

This is the sixth dead whale to be found on the shores of New York in 2018, and the fifth humpback whale.