East Meadow seniors present their final projects


During the Senior Project Fair at East Meadow High School on May 23, students displayed their yearlong projects detailing what they learned through internships, community service and work experience.

Throughout the past academic year, students took part in projects that were designed to actively engage them in real-world experiences. They selected opportunities at locations such as radio stations, physical therapy offices, martial art studios, law offices and museums, among others.

“The Senior Project Fair was another successful event for students as they displayed their hard work for all to see,” said Principal Richard Howard.

The project required students to complete at least 25 hours participating in their chosen activity. However, many students said that they enjoyed their work so much they chose to continue working beyond the basic requirement.

Selection of the activity began with the resume process in September and was followed by students identifying areas of interest and reaching out to sponsors for potential internships and community service projects. During the second semester, the students’ experiences commenced and they recorded their progress and accomplishments through activity logs.

The culmination came during the Senior Project Fair where students exhibited their experiences with project boards and other visual aids to showcase the skills and knowledge they gained. Classmates, staff members and parents toured the event at the school’s gymnasium and viewed the completed projects.

—Brian Stieglitz