Freeport Housing Authority to build new Moxey Rigby apartment house


Out with the old and in with the new. The Freeport Housing Authority will build a 101-unit apartment building to replace the outdated Moxey Rigby apartments on Buffalo Avenue. Georgica Green Ventures will build the new apartment complex, called the “New Moxey Rigby,” just west of the current site on East Merrick Road and Buffalo Avenue. The project is being funded through federal and state funding as well as assistance from the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The estimated cost for construction for the new development is approximately $30 million, according to John Hrvatin, Executive Director of the Freeport Housing Authority.


 “The Moxey Rigby apartment complex suffered significant damage to its infrastructure by Super Storm Sandy, practically to the point of no return,” Hrvatin, said at a press conference held on Thursday, March 3.  “Flooding was as high as ten feet above ground, about the level of the wrought iron fence.” In the aftermath of that storm “the Freeport Housing Authority recognized that there was an opportunity to make Moxie Rigby bigger, better and more resilient for residents who were desperate for modern, safe housing.”


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