Glen Cove eyes big finish


Currently sitting at 6-3 in Conference A4 and looking for a strong close to the season is the Glen Cove girls’ volleyball team. An offensive force all through the season, the talented group and coach Matthew Carbone are confident that they can finish out the season on a high note.

“We want to finish 11-3 in conference, that is our goal,” Carbone said. “What we are is a very good offensive team, yet we still have some work to do defensively. If I am going to be stubborn coach or nitpick, that’s what I would say.”

Offensively, the litany of weapons is apparent. Senior captain and outside hitter Evelyn, and eight grade starting setter Brooke, affectionately known as ‘the Tran sisters’ have been playing extremely well together.

“Evelyn has been a role model not just for her sister, but the whole team. She is one of those players that only comes around every once in a while,” said Carbone. “Brooke, or ‘Baby Tran’ as we call her, has a lot of knowledge for the sport and knows her position so well, which is weird since she plays a different position than her sister.”

Senior Alyssa Schmitt is also a captain that has been a staple of this team for the past three years. “Her hitting has improved so much, even from the beginning of this season,” Carbone said.

E’Shonne Cofield, Megan Fahey and Caroline Fahey are all contributors that push this high-powered offense along. “(Cofield) jumps out of the gym and she hits so hard…I think every girl that plays her is scared when they see her jump up for it,” Carbone said.

Carbone admitted that, despite the success, they have experienced some inconsistency. “A lot of the time the girls play amazing, and other times they may not play as well,” Carbone said.

Out of its last three matches, Glen Cove is 2-1, dropping its second match to Valley Stream North this season. Valley Stream North sits atop the conference at 10-0 and will likely take the lone playoff spot in the ability-based division.

Despite an arduous journey and road to the playoffs, Carbone still has positive feelings on the year. “Yes, it is bittersweet, for sure…Everything was in our hands, and it slipped out in certain moments,” Carbone said. “(If we can win out) 11-3 is a positive, good season and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Carbone acknowledged that he is going to have to part ways with some of his longest tenured and talented girls, but understands the process.

“It hurts your heart with what these girls give for years and years for Glen Cove, but with a heavy heart, I’ve got to keep going and try to better the program as best as I can,” Carbone said. “We’ve still got the rest of this season.”

Although an 11-3 record would be one most coaches would have much pride in, Carbone likes to hang his hat on something else. “I can judge how well we’re doing here by the number of girls that return to see you after they graduate. It brings a smile to my face. It shows you the impact you’ve had on their life.”