Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

Week of December 15-21, 2016


Time for a new battle cry

To the Editor:

I must respond to Toni Pomerantz’s letter, “Does D’Amato really believe Trump’s line?” in last week’s Herald.

Enough with the fearmongering! Comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is off-the-charts ridiculous. “Make America great again” refers to building America back up from the destructive and divisive non-leadership we have had for the past eight years. 

Many of us believe that we now have a glimmer of hope for the American dream –– the one where opportunity is out there if people grab it and work hard, earn their own way, and make a life for themselves and their families. 

Wanting to keep our nation safe and putting America and Americans first do not make one a racist or a bigot, nor does insisting that people who want to come into our country do so legally. 

It’s time for a new liberal battle cry. We all love our country and have nothing for which to apologize.

Mary Chin


. . .

Remembering a great man

To the Editor:

We lost a great man in Frank Pignataro (“Longtime village activist dies,” Dec. 8-14).

I was privileged to work side by side with “Mr. P.,” as we called him. When I was asked to run St. Raymond’s CYO baseball in 1995, there were about 150 children signed up. I knew I had to make changes going into the 1996 season. My first conversation with Mr. P. was about possibly merging the St. Raymond’s CYO and his East Rockaway Recreation into one baseball league, and we agreed to join forces. By February 1996, we had well over 350 children signed up — enough for almost 30 teams!

In 1998, he set up a meeting with Town of Hempstead officials to discuss building a new field at the sports complex on John Street. They turned us down at first, but they gave us permission to fix up the Center Avenue School baseball field, which we did. Frank, along with Joe Jonas, helped to make that dream come true. By 1999, we had more than 400 kids signed up to play baseball with our new league.

In the 1999 season, we signed on with Cal Ripken Baseball, which gave us opportunities to travel during the summer. We approached the town again, and eventually were able to get permission to build our home fields on John Street. The complex opened in 2000, and that season we had biggest turnout, with more than 450 Children and 40 teams.

Mr. P and I did not stop there: Along with the PAL, we formed the first flag football league in our community, which was another success.

Through the years, Frank and I became great friends, which meant the world to me. He wasn’t just loved by his family, but by thousands of kids whose lives he touched along the way. He gave the young people jobs as scorekeepers and referees. He touched so many people, young and old. The people of East Rockaway and Lynbrook have lost a great man, and I’ve lost a great friend. I will always cherish the time we spent together.

Rest in peace, my friend.

James Mammes

East Rockaway