Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

July 4-10, 2013


Lynbrook looking like a ghetto?

To the Editor:
Lynbrook’s estimated median household income is $81,722, and the median house or condo value is $435,835 — but the town is beginning to look like an impoverished, neglected residential area — a ghetto.
If you walk down Atlantic Avenue, you’ll see vacant storefronts that were so well-designed and are now boarded up. This remarkable new décor has recently been added to the “feather factory” — and let’s not forget the inviting movie theater.
It’s a well-known fact that many have protested the lack of revitalization interest in this town. Mayor William Hendrick, Sen. Dean Skelos and others who represent us are not listening to the residents.
Now, there is talk of a Walgreens
coming to Hempstead Avenue — which I believe will disrupt the structure of this community and take away the only exercise facility we have — a place that supports a positive lifestyle.
It’s unfortunate for Lynbrook that the lack of positive changes this community are forcing residents to go elsewhere for their daily needs and their entertainment.

D. Ferrara


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