Rockville Centre Letters to the Editor, Week of Feb. 7


Thank you

to the RVC Foundation

To the Editor:

This is a very grateful, from-the-bottom-of-our-hearts “thank you” for all that the RVC Foundation has done for our family since Hurricane Sandy destroyed our home. The donations that we have received have brought smiles to our children and warmth to our hearts. Knowing that people care about us even though they have never met us just proves that there are kind, generous people who want to make a difference. We are so blessed to have the RVC Foundation in our lives.

Tammy L. and Family


Social Security is my right

To the Editor:

Regarding John Marino’s letter to the editor, “We’ve earned Social Security” (Jan. 24-30):

I, too, have contributed to Social Security since I was a teenager so many years ago. It is not a government entitlement program, and the Social Security that I receive rightfully belongs to me, since I earned it through the many years I was in the work force.

Shame on Congress for considering doing away with it, or even calling it an entitlement program.

Alice Cammiso


Democrat too young to know?

To the Editor:

Lauren Summa, the president of the Young Democrats (“Hoping for a Suozzi return,” Letters, Jan. 31-Feb.6), claims that former County Executive Tom Suozzi “has a strong vision for a better Nassau” and says she wishes he would run again. If his new vision is like his previous one, this county would be bankrupt.   

I guess this young Democrat was too young to know that Suozzi put us in the fiscal mess that Ed Mangano has been working to repair. Our bad credit and bond ratings are based on the spending of the Suozzi administration. It is Mangano who has not raised our taxes, while it was Suozzi who raised them every year. It would be an all-time low if he came back.

Steve Grogan