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Drop everything and read a book


Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club recently participated in Pick A Reading Partner a program designed to help children learn to have fun reading.

PARP took place at the Club during the week of Jan. 22 when participants joined the “Drop What You’re Doing and Read!” campaign to inspire members to read silently, or as a group. Afterwards, the children participated in a range of activities related to the readings.

The initiative encourages family members and those who play an important role in a child’s life to read to kids daily, creating life-long readers.

Associate Director Desirae O’Neill shared one of her favorite books, “Goodnight Yankees” by Brad M. Epstein, with members ages 6-8. After the book reading, O’Neill and her group created a “Home Run” tic-tac-toe game, which they played while snacking on baseball stadium treats.

Jackie Telleria, the program director, dressed as Darth Vader to read a series of “Star Wars” short stories. The session concluded with a crafting activity in which members created lightsabers.

“With all the excitement PARP brought to the club in its fun and engaging activities,” said Franca Trunzo, the executive director, “our members will never forget the importance of settling in with a good book.”