Letters to the Editor

Lynbrook, East Rockaway (March 23 to 29)


Remembering my mom

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing the obituary for my mother, Elaine Garrison. We’re very proud of all she accomplished and contributed to Lynbrook and the number of lives that she touched. Lynbrook is a lovely town, and many people we hadn’t seen for years attended her funeral because they saw the Herald and remembered her from years ago.

As lovely as Lynbrook is, there is no place quite as kind and compassionate as the Lenox Avenue area, where she lived for over 60 years. For example, upon hearing of her death, our neighbors Lauren and Frank Pignataro provided trays of delicious food from their restaurant, River Mill Tavern and Tables. Other neighbors also graciously brought food. 


Alice Garrison and family

* * *

Kudos to LIRR for recognizing Lynbrook station deterioration

To the Editor:

Maybe the Long Island Rail Road is finally waking up to its dilapidated and dangerous infrastructure problems.

Let’s hope the LIRR addresses the serious ground-level problems on the Long Beach line, particularly at the East Rockaway station, where traffic nightmares are perpetual, and serious accidents and environmental issues endanger the health and welfare of all who frequent this area.

Elevating this line should have been addressed decades ago, because it has become a main hub for South Shore travelers. A new condo development is soon be built as well as a Costco, which will exacerbate this nightmare.

Where are U.S. Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand? Maybe they should focus their efforts on the substantial needs of their hardworking, taxpaying constituents instead of refugee and immigration nonsense.


Jerry LaForgia


* * *

Strengthening our military

To the Editor:

As a Navy veteran and a strong supporter of our military, I commend President Trump for initiating a program to rebuild our military with a defense budget increase of $54 billion, but it should be decreased by $1.3 billion. That $1.3 billion should be added to the Coast Guard budget within the Department of Homeland Security, which was cut by $1.3 billion.

Our military has dramatically shrunk and has been neglected in recent times.  Although we have increased the capabilities of our military through technological advances, we have downsized our forces and we have not adequately replaced worn \out equipment.

Due to the cuts imposed by the 2014 Sequestration Act, our Army has significantly decreased from a high of 570,000 soldiers after 9/11, and it is heading down to 450,000.  The Marines are going from 184,000 to 175,000, and the National Guard and Reserves will lose tens of thousands. The Air Force will have 700 fewer aircrafts and the Navy remains at 286 ships.  My Navy has 11 carrier battle groups, but at any one time a number of them are not available due to overhaul and maintenance requirements, in port rest and relaxation, and ships in transit.  It should have 12 carrier battle groups to fulfill its global missions in a dangerous world. In an article on Oct. 1, 2015, political commentator George Will stated “the sun never sets” on our Navy.

Potential adversaries continue to build up their military forces. Iran has a large Army and continues with its missile development program. North Korea continues to test long-range missiles and develop nuclear armaments.

The two significant potential adversaries are China and Russia. China has a huge army, is adding to its air force, and is building up its navy, including aircraft carriers and submarines. China lays claim to the South China Sea and has established island bases in the region, which our Navy will have to contest. Russia is rebuilding its navy and maintains a large army and air force, and it continues to threaten Europe.

Trump should continue to rebuild our military so we can meet the military challenges in the world, preserve our national security and keep the peace.

That being said, President Trump, please stop your un-presidential tweets and concentrate on the important matters that impact our national security and our economy.


Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, N.H.