Malverne alumni take part in paint-party fundraiser


Several residents and alumni of Malverne High School filled the Vulcan Firehouse in Lynbrook for the Malverne Community Theatre’s paint party fundraiser on Oct. 19.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will support the Malverne High School Musical Theater Alumni Show, presented by MCT, which the organization hopes to host next August.

MCT president David Coonan, who graduated from Malverne High in 1999, told the Herald that musicals and plays have been a staple in the village for decades, dating back to the years of local art and production directors Sal Zaccaro and Charles Messinger. The MCT hosted a public meeting in September to get an idea of how many alumnus were interested in making contributions. Coonan said that over 30 people from across 20 years of graduates turned out to support the show.

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