Malverne School District official arrested for voting twice in 2016 presidential election


Dr. Spiro Colaitis, the assistant superintendent for district operations in the Malverne Union Free School District, was charged last Friday for voting twice in the 2016 presidential election.

According to the Office of the State Attorney in Pensacola, FL, Coalitis, 57, had voted by mail-in ballot in Escambia County in Florida, and voted at the polls in Nassau County.

He was released on the same day that he was arrested on $2,500 bail, according to Florida’s online arrest records.

“Since this is a personal matter, unrelated to the school district, and being handled by law enforcement, the district has no comment,” the Malverne School District said in a statement to the Herald.

Coalitis, who is registered in the Republican party — according to the Nassau County Board of Elections — has not lived in Florida since 2005, and he had sold his property there before 2010, as stated in an arrest report from Florida’s Office of the State Attorney.

“This is a Florida prosecution and as such, we are unfamiliar with the charges,” said Miriam Sholder, spokeswoman for Nassau district attorney’s office in a statement. “We will speak to Florida authorities about the matter.”

Coalitis is currently scheduled to be arraigned on April 26.