Oceanside Jewish Center welcomes children, families back


The Oceanside Jewish Center gave a warm welcome, both figuratively and literally, to families and children alike at its barbecue on Aug. 23, which served as a kick off to the upcoming year’s religious instruction classes at the center’s religious school as well as a friendly hello for newcomers to its early childhood center.

“It was a good turnout,” Marsha Bertero, administrative assistant for the center’s religious school, said and joked, “It was also very hot.”

On hand for the visitors to enjoy was barbecued food as well as a DJ, Bertero said.

She noted that new on staff this year at the school will be inclusion specialist, Rachel Figurasmith, to assist students in any difficulties they may be struggling with, and encouraged those interested in having their children attend the center’s religious school to contact the school by phone at 764-4213 or by email at relschool@oceansidejewishcenter.org.