Oceanside native debuts student film at L.I. Film Expo on July 15


Oceanside native Jacqueline Xerri, 20, will debut her short film, “TYLERCAM” at the Long Island International Film Expo this weekend as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. The film has received a nomination for Best Student Film at the festival. LIIFE is the longest running film festival on Long Island.

Xerri is a 2015 graduate of Oceanside High School and earned a place on the school’s wall of fame for media arts. After high school, Jacqueline was one of only 28 students accepted into the College of Motion Picture Arts at Florida State University and spent her first year of school studying abroad in Europe with a camera in hand. She enters her junior year at FSU this fall.

“TYLERCAM” is Xerri’s first-year college short film project. She wrote, directed and edited herself. Additionally, she scouted original music for the film from a fellow Long Island musician, Rick Laban. The short film has also been accepted into three other film festivals, and Xerri’s high school student films have been selected and screened at the festival every year since she was 16. Many of her OHS friends, family and neighbors have served as actors in her past projects.

As a director, Xerri aims to take on different styles and genres across the spectrum. “TYLERCAM,” a comedy, is the story of a quirky bug eyed girl who has an odd hobby - spying on her high school crush from her bedroom window with a camera and telescope connected to her computer.

Xerri also recently completed “Ruckzuck,” a documentary about a psychedelic rock family that brings “psychedelic freak out” to a new generation. Jacqueline continues to channel her desire to discover the unknown through her filmmaking and looks forward to directing her own feature length films in the future.

“TYLERCAM” will be screened at 7 p.m. on July 15th as part of a 2-hour film block at Bellmore Movies located at 222 Pettit Avenue. Jacqueline is flying in from college for the weekend to attend the screening and will be participating in a question and answer session at the event.