Oceanside native's band to release 'Holy Ghost' EP, play at charity fundraiser


The new year will also mark the start of a new chapter for Oceanside native Charlie Parks, the singer and guitarist of Lubricoma. His hard rock quintet's second EP, Holy Ghosts, will be released on Dec. 29, and will be celebrated during the “Rock Against Cancer” party at Revolution Bar in Amityville. The release party will double as a benefit fundraiser for 1in9, a nonprofit that has been fighting cancer since 1990 and operates the Hewlett House, a resource center for cancer patients and their families.

The connection to the nonprofit is fitting, as Holy Ghosts explores themes similar to those affected — like loneliness, judgment, forgiveness and romance. But where the subject matter could easily lend itself to mere anthems for the downtrodden, Lubricoma's musical approach is energetic and even uplifting at times – from Parks' vocal range to the crushing, masterful guitar work and colorful keyboard touches.

“I think the key to our sound is a rawness that we try and let shine through beyond any production,” said Parks, a 2003 Oceanside High School graduate and current South Shore resident. All five members, he added, reside on Long Island. “We’re a rock band, but within that there’s so much you can do and so many places you can go. It may be heavy or loud and can also get more intimate and minimal.”

Since the band's inception 11 years ago, Lubricoma has performed across Long Island, opening for national and international rock bands including Alien Ant Farm, and members of Guns 'n' Roses and Soulfly. These hard rock influences are evident in anthems like “15 Years,” which features a monstrous riff and lyrics that delve into experiences of estrangement and reemergence. Four more alternative metal-inspired originals follow and the EP closes with a modern rock cover of Depeche Mode's 1990 hit, “Enjoy the Silence.”

Parks added that a full-length follow-up to Holy Ghosts is in the works and that its sound will mark an evolution of the band's sound.

“We're really proud of Holy Ghosts – from the performances down to the sonic quality and was professionally overseen in so many ways,” Parks said. “But one thing we won't do is rehash where we've been. We're itching to get back into the studio again to record more new music. ”

Doors will open for the “Rock Against Cancer” party at the Revolution Bar at 7 p.m. Lubricoma will donate its portion of the ticket sales to 1in9 and all raffle proceeds will also benefit the organization.

“We wanted to make our album release about something much more important than just the music and we found the right partner,” Parks said. “Like many others, I’ve personally been affected by cancer and specifically breast cancer in my family and that's what makes teaming with 1in9 so gratifying.”

Tickets are $20 can be purchased at ticketf.ly/2FiWXB5 and revolutionliny.com

For more information, visit www.lubricoma.com and www.facebook.com/Lubricoma.