Letter to the editor

Re-elect Nancy Kaplan to Merrick BOE


To the Editor:

I am Donald S. Krieff, D.O., a member of the Merrick community since 2003. I am a practicing neurosurgeon on Long Island with Neurological Surgery P.C. I have never written a letter to a newspaper.

When I saw that Dr. Nancy Kaplan was running for re-election to the Merrick-Bellmore Board of Education, I felt a need to chime in.

I have known Nancy since I moved to Merrick. Our lives have intertwined in many ways, both professionally and personally. There are certain people in life that you just click with, because of how they represent themselves. Nancy is one [of] those people. I know I can count on her day or night for a friendly bit of advice. She has served this community selflessly as a Board of Education trustee, basketball coach, college advisor and voice of reason to many. She is intelligent, charming and willing to “fight the fight” when necessary. This makes her uniquely qualified to remain a member of the board.

I know I speak for many of us when I give my whole-hearted endorsement to Nancy. The Merrick community is proud to call her our own. Come out and vote on May 15 ... I will be there!!

Donald S. Krieff, D.O.