Reported in the Nassau Post on Nov. 26, 1914


This article is from 104 years ago coincided with the December exhibit at the Freeport Memorial Library of maps dating from 1914.

Trustees Provide Electrical Show

The Inc. Village of Freeport was in the process of arranging an “Electrical Show.”  It was scheduled to open on December 3rd and to run for three weeks after.  Displays were prepared to educate Freeport residents as to the many uses of electric in everyday life, such as its use in cooking and heating a home.  The exhibit was to be held at 58 South Main St. and the village hoped the display would promote the use of electrical current, as at the time of this display, many residents did not utilize the power generated by the municipal power plant.  It was noted that if more residents and commercial enterprises utilized electrical power, the cost for it could be reduced to be lower than using gas.

Freeport Choral Society to Give Big Concert in January

The Freeport Choral Society, a group of singers from Freeport and neighboring hamlets, was preparing to give a concert in January.  The society, under the direction of Arthur Edward Stahlschmidt, had its meetings every Tuesday at the Odd Fellows Hall on Merrick Road.  The January concert was slated to feature not only the members of the society but also professional singers.

John Forbes Dies, A Valued Citizen

John Forbes, a resident of Freeport for nine years, passed away in December of 1914.  His funeral was held at the Church of the Transfiguration, and Reverend R.H. Scott presided over the funeral service. He was a member of both the Masons and the Elks Club.

Leading Long Island Society Folk to Take Part in Monster Christmas Needy Poor Concert on Dec. 4

The Nassau Post sponsored a Christmas Gift Party and Celebration scheduled to be held on Dec. 4, 1914 at Brooklyn Hall.  Contributions of food, money and other gifts were coming in as of the writing of this article.  Entertainment was to provided by Miss Jane Cammann, Lloyd Cutler, Joseph and Helen Reither, Clara Gibson and Florence Ware, among others.  George Howard Randall arranged the use of Brooklyn Hall.

Wright Brothers Sanitary Plumbing

An advertisement for Wright Brothers Plumbing, located on Newton Boulevard at Main Street, mentioned that they could take care of hot water, steam and hot air heating work.