Selling homes for 75 years in Malverne

Newman Realty promotes its local connection


When Fred Newman, founder of Newman Realty started his business in 1943, the values of “honesty and integrity” were at the top of his list. Seventy-five years later, those values remain the foundation of one of the oldest businesses in Malverne.

“Our reputation breeds success and longevity,” said Leon Sanchez, owner of Newman Realty. “It’s been a steady business, and it was a legacy that I’m proud to continue.”

Founded in Brooklyn, Sanchez said, Newman Realty moved to Malverne in the early 1950s. Shortly afterward, Newman started the Malverne Merchant and Professional Association, now known as the Chamber of Commerce, in 1956. Brian Lewis, a salesman for the company, said that part of the success of Newman Realty is its ability to connect to the village.

“It’s a part of the Malverne family, and it’s a pillar of the community,” Lewis said. “When you look at a house, you’re buying the experience, and you’re buying in to the neighborhood, not just the physical house. We’re trying to show them the whole package.”

A resident of the village for nearly 40 years, Lewis said that he often gives his clients a tour of the community and some of its popular areas. Compared with their competitors, Lewis said, members of Newman Realty provide a unique experience.

“In real estate, you’re a big part of people’s lives, whether you like it or not,” Lewis said. “Buying a house or selling a house is probably one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives.”

Jack Sorrentino, an associate broker at Newman Realty, said that the first home he sold in the village in 1980 went for roughly $69,000. A recent home he sold in September 2017 was about $779,000. The market swings, Sorrentino explained, are one of the things that the company has weathered over the years.

“We’ve survived the ups and downs, the high interest rates and the property tax situations,” he said. “But we have the professionalism … and we’ve kind of found a way to stand up to all the competition.”

Another key to maintaining success in the real estate business, said Newman Realty Salesperson Bob Solarino, is the relationship with a community’s building department. Solarino, who was the superintendent of the Malverne Department of Buildings for over 20 years, said that his relationship with Sanchez at the time played a key role in selling homes.

“The building departments in the various municipalities and real estates are married,” Solarino said. “You’re working together constantly and it’s always been a pleasure working with him. He totally comprehends everything and we’ve been able to keep it up.”

A member of Newman Realty for about a year, Solarino added that one of the most important aspects is making buyers feel comfortable while sharing knowledge of the community.

“The trust factor is probably one of their biggest aspects whether they’re buying or selling,” Solarino said. “It’s not just looking at the exterior or the finished product, you also have to know how that house was put together.”

Newman Realty has also sold homes in the surrounding communities that include West Hempstead, Lynbrook, Valley Stream, Oceanside and Rockville Centre. The Nassau Council of Chambers honored Sanchez in 2014 as the Small Businessperson of the Year.

Sanchez said he doesn’t plan to leave the company any time soon. “I’ve started my career in Malverne, and I will retire here in Malverne,” Sanchez said. “The community is fantastic, the homes have not changed much other than the modernization, but it still has that old charm, and that’s one of the things that attracts people to the village.”

“This realty will continue to thrive because of its ethics, the people that work here and the people that Leon chooses to bring in,” Solarino said. “You put it all together; you’ve got everything here. We’re a one-stop shop.”