Hewlett Happenings

Soaking up what Hewlett High offers


Escorted by the warm morning light and slight jitters, students reluctantly made their way back from summer break. Prepared to start the year on the highest of notes, students dressed in their best “first day of school” outfits with their stacks of summer homework printed and ready to be handed in.

In late August, the Pupil Personal Service office held Freshman Focus, an event that requires all Hewlett High School freshman to attend so they could walk thorough their schedules and receive their tablets.

The main goal is to suppress any unsureness or nerves about finding classes and classroom norms, such as which teachers require tablets, the basic syllabus, and seating.

To further ensure every student felt ready for the first day of school, PPS PALS, Hewlett’s Orientation Committee, were scattered throughout the building in their blue shirts, ready to help any student in the hallways, cafeteria or library. Students have found their own rhythm and are learning how to tackle school in a way that works best for them.

On Sept. 11, seniors attended the first senior meeting of year. The college process is underway and the guidance department highlighted major features of the process students need to know about: teacher recommendation letters, college essays, and resumes.

As the anxiety and stress levels began to rise in seniors, we realized that we need to move along in our college process. Nevertheless, the real reason most seniors attended the meeting was to ensure they received the paper work for the parking permit to park in the student lot.

With almost half the number of spots as the previous school year available for student, seniors must submit the application to have a chance to get a spot. Considering there are about 50 spaces and nearly 300 seniors, the odds are not favorable; thankfully the bus is still an option.

Student moral started off with a bang. Our football team won their first game, the girls volley ball team is undefeated in the conference and the girls swim team is on a victory high. Our winning streak is a clear motivating factor for our homecoming game on Oct. 21.

The band is perfecting their marching formations and music in preparation for that Saturday’s parade and halftime show. Waiting with anticipation, the student body is eager to find out this year’s theme days for the Spirit Week leading up to the big game.

While the summer break has come to an end, an Hewlett High is welcoming the start to a prosperous year with open arms. As the Jewish holiday break nears, students and staff realize that this year is going to fly by, and although everyone wants it to be June, we all need to soak up all Hewlett has to offer.