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Suspected stalker arrested in Lynbrook by Suffolk police


A Long Beach man was arrested by Suffolk County police officers on June 30 for allegedly stalking a 22-year-old female for more than two years.

The Suffolk County police began an investigation into Mark Lichtner, 60, after an unidentified woman from Amity Harbor reported that a man was repeatedly calling her from a blocked number. The calls were sexual in nature, and the man allegedly made comments about the woman’s appearance and her daily activities.

According to police, the details were so specific that the woman thought the man was physically stalking her. During an investigation, officers James Johnson and Brian Raleigh identified the caller as Lichtner and placed him under arrest at around 8:40 a.m. on June 30. He was charged with third- and fourth-degree stalking.

The detectives also discovered that Lichtner is a suspect in a similar incident that the New York Police Department is investigating. In that case, the suspect placed hundreds of sexually explicit calls from a blocked telephone number to numerous women throughout the country.

New York City police said the suspect found the women by doing random Facebook searches of young women’s profiles. He then made explicit and inappropriate phone calls to the victims based on the information he saw on their Facebook posts, police said.

Police are urging members of the public to be cautious with content they post on social media. Anyone with additional information or anyone who believes they might have been a victim is asked to call (631) 854-8150.