The Calhoun On Tour Company presents We Will Rock You (School Edition)

Posted by jwerthauer

The Calhoun High School On Tour Company continues its 44th season with the epic musical based on the music of ​Queen​, ​We Will Rock You (School Edition).​ Performances will be held on January 20th, 26th, and 27th in the Calhoun High School auditorium, located at 1768 State Street, Merrick, NY 11566. Performances begin at 7:30 pm. Directed by Mr. Salvatore Salerno, tickets to ​We Will Rock You (School Edition)​ can be reserved by phone at (516) 992-1377.

Since 2002 over 15 million theatregoers in 17 countries have been thrilled by this awe-inspiring production which is based on the songs of ​Queen​ with a book by Ben Elton (​The Young Ones, Blackadder, Popcorn​). ​The musical tells the story of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion, and live music in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and acts the same. Musical instruments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown. Elton fashioned this hilarious futurist comedy around more than 24 of Queen’s biggest hit songs including We Are The Champions, Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free, Somebody To Love, Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Under Pressure, Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust​ and of course, ​We Will Rock You​.

The talented cast stars Doug Gallo as ​Galileo Figaro​ and Julia Bremer as ​Scaramouche​, two rebels of the iPlanet who team together to help restore “the vibe” of days gone by with the help of Zach Neiger as Buddy, ​Mike DeVito as ​Brit, ​and Sara Grossman as ​Oz. ​They also work to fight against the injustices set by Anna Kirby as ​The Killer Queen​, and Jacob Goldberg as ​Commander Khashoggi​,​ ​who prevent free thought and control the iPlanet.

Tickets for ​We Will Rock You (School Edition) ​are $12 for students and senior citizens, and $15 for adults - and can be purchased at the door. You can reach the box office at (516) 992-1377 to reserve tickets for the show. Further information can be found on the On Tour Company website: ​​.

The rest of the year’s packed season includes a soon-to-be-announced musical in March, the high school premiere of Monty Python’s ​Edukashional Show ​in May, and Phillip Pullman’s ​Grimm Tales for Young & Old​ in May.

Mr. James Drake and Dr. Dale Parkinson founded the On Tour Company in 1973. The program, under the direction of Mr. Salvatore Salerno, has been performing since 1985, and now it is one of the finest performing arts programs in any high school on Long Island and in New York State. It was voted Best High School Theatre Program in the Northeast for 2012 by Stage Directions Magazine.