The row less traveled

Paddleboarding, kayaking now offered at Jones Beach

Jennifer Hanono, left, and Nicole Glasser paddled out at Jones Beach Field 10 to practice yoga.
Jennifer Hanono, left, and Nicole Glasser paddled out at Jones Beach Field 10 to practice yoga.
Rebecca Anderson/Herald

If you have a passion for paddleboarding, you’re in luck. Last month, Skudin Surf announced its new shop at Jones Beach State Park’s Field 10, offering paddleboarding and kayaking lessons and equipment rental.

Skudin Surf Co-founder Cliff Skudin, 35, said he was honored to expand the shop and offer rentals to beachgoers. “We look forward to getting more people to try this fun, lifelong, easy and accessible fitness activity during the beautiful days this summer,” he added.

The new shop, offered through Skudin SUP —Stand Up Paddle — opened four summers ago in Long Beach responding to popular demand, said Jennifer Hanono, director of the program and a certified paddleboard instructor for five years. 

“As soon as we heard Jones Beach and Tobay were giving permits, we jumped on it and launched the two new locations,” she said. “We really wanted to expand further east to access more people on the island, and it’s also such a beautiful place.”

Hanono, 30, said that they decided to operate out of Jones Beach after Skudin Surf ran a surfing pilot program for teens and children there last year. They thought that paddleboarding and kayaking lessons would be a perfect addition to Field 10. The shop also offers varying levels of yoga classes for both experienced and beginning paddleboarders.

“It took a little bit of time for people to realize we were here but since the Fourth of July it’s been crazy!” she added. “Every weekend we’re so full and the lessons are definitely increasing well into August.”

Cliff Skudin and his brother Will, 32, who come from a long line of surfers, continue their family’s tradition of teaching others the joy of the sport. They have been running Skudin Surf for more than a decade. When they’re not home in Long Beach during the summer, teaching children and adults with special needs to surf through their nonprofit organization “Surf for All,” or operating the Skudin Surf school, the brothers chase big waves around the world. Skudin SUP is just another addition to the family-run organization.

“I love seeing different people show up, getting out in the water and just enjoying this new experience,” Hanono said. “No company has really operated here before, so everyone has been really excited to find out that we’re here. I’m super-stoked about it too!”

Paddleboard and kayaking rentals and lessons will be offered at Jones Beach Field 10, Tobay Beach, Island Park and throughout the boat basin for the rest of the summer (see box).