Tips for the Top Five Dental Tips



We just got through October when everyone was thinking of Halloween and scary Haunted Houses. Your dental health should never be a scary topic. In an effort to help put an end to dental health hoaxes, here are five dental myths to chew over.

1- Sugar Is the Number One Culprit of Tooth Decay

Sugar will rot your teeth. If you’re a parent, chances are you tell your children this myth, every time they ask for something sweet. Chances are your parents told you the same thing. There’s no denying that sugar leads to cavity formation, but it's not the number one culprit of tooth decay. Sugar adds fuel to the fire, but it doesn’t light the match.

2- Going to the Dentist Is a Painful Experience

There are many people who don’t go to the dentist because they think it’s going to be a painful experience. It’s time to put this myth to rest. The new dental technology, developments in anesthetics and analgesics, and more conservative dental procedures have made visits to our Cedarhurst, NY office a more comfortable experience. Dr. Alina Bergan DDS takes the time to answer questions and makes sure her patients are never in pain during their visits.

3- Bad Breath Means You’re Not Brushing

Poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath, but it’s not the only thing that will leave you looking for a breath mint. There are many factors that can cause bad breath, including illness, acid reflux, medication, and dehydration. In addition, sometimes what you eat or drink can give you bad breath no matter how many times you brush and floss. Next time you order a sub for lunch, skip the onions and garlic to ensure you are subjecting your clients and coworkers to your bad breath. We like to encourage our patients to have a toothbrush and toothpaste at their offices so they can eat freely at lunch time and brush after.

4- Bleaching Products Weaken Teeth

Gels, pastes, strips — there are all sorts of products available to make our pearly whites even whiter. If used according to the directions, bleaching products are harmless. They do not affect the health or strength of the teeth, only the color. At the same time, too much bleaching can cause temporary tooth sensitivity or irritated gums; the enamel, however, is not weakened. When in doubt it is best to get a free whitening consolation from Dr. Bergan.

5- You Will Know When You Have Tooth Decay

This is the type of false information that can lead to serious dental problems. There are no early symptoms of tooth decay. By the time you experience pain, your tooth decay has led to nerve damage, which means your decay is advanced and extensive.

The only way to know if you have tooth decay —and to prevent it — is to visit Dr. Alina Bergan DDS twice a year for a checkup and cleaning. Come into our convenient Cedarhurst, NY office for your $99 cleaning and exam.

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