Vote for Debra Mulé in the 5th L.D.


The Herald endorses Debra Mulé, a Democrat from Freeport, for the County Legislature’s 5th District seat.

Mulé (pronounced moo-LAY) is a social worker and a Freeport village trustee who served on the Board of Education for nine years, first as a trustee, then as vice president and president. She said she wants to focus on ending corruption and restoring people’s trust in local government.

She is well versed on the issues that affect the district, particularly infrastructure improvements, storm resiliency, affordable housing and combating the opiod crisis.

Mulé appears to have passion for and dedication to her community, but she needs to broaden her scope to be able to effectively address the problems outside her hometown. Much of her experience in community matters revolves around Freeport, and as well informed as her talking points were during the campaign, her district encompasses at least five other communities with which she will have to become more familiar.

Her opponent, Kathleen Spatz, a teacher’s aide in the Rockville Centre School District, has served as president of the South Hempstead Civic Association. She said she has followed the various reconstruction efforts throughout the 5th District, and wants to see infrastructure continue to be improved.

Spatz has extensive volunteer experience in the communities that make up the district, which makes her a solid candidate, but Mulé was more specific and detailed in her proposals. She supports the development of floodgates to mitigate storm surges; addressing the opioid crisis with additional law enforcement, education and health resources; and the development of mixed-use properties in communities blighted by vacant houses.

While both of these candidates would make excellent legislative representatives, the Herald encourages voters to support Mulé on Tuesday.