Wantagh schools to hear parents on school safety


The Wantagh School Superintendent yesterday invited parents throughout the district to attend one of a series of community forums in April to review school safety information and listen to any concerns regarding security.

Superintendent John McNamara on March 29, sent out a district-wide email and posted on the district’s website, that the Board of Education had also approved several upgrades to its existing security infrastructure. These include double locked doors, a new visitor’s ID system and an audit by an outside security consultant.

Additionally, McNamara said that the Board of Education is considering adding new safety-related items and services to the proposed budget for the 2018-19 school year. These include: additional mental health staff for students; classroom door security upgrades at the middle and high schools; a District-wide Safety Coordinator and a student ID check-in system at the high school.

Parents began questioning McNamara and Wantagh’s school trustees about school safety, at board meetings soon after the Parkland shooting. Dozens more participated in a concerted effort to email Superintendent McNamara with their concerns, ideas and thoughts on the issue.