Water main breaks in Oceanside


A representative for New York American Water reported that following last week’s extreme cold, Oceanside experienced 12 broken water mains as temperatures rose.

The official said that water main breaks are common during periods of extreme cold as well as during drastic temperature changes. A nearly 40-degree spike in temperature from near zero in the span of three days he said, contributed to “A perfect storm for water main breaks.”

Additionally, due to pressure changes in the pipes during a rupture, he said that residents could experience discolored water coming from their taps both during a break and after it has been repaired. He advised residents to run their cold water lines for three to five minutes or until the water becomes clear.

Additionally he advised that should residents see a broken water main to call and report it to New York American Water at (877) 426-6999 and to check social media for reports of breaks in their area.