Baldwin school budget passes; Smyth, Cools elected to board; busing referendum passes

Baldwin voters approved the school district's 2019-20 budget by a vote of 1,086 to 349. In other news, newcomer Tom Smyth was elected to the Board of Education with 938 votes and incumbent Susan …

Wantagh Schools budget passes

Wantagh School District's 79.8 million budget passed by a vote of 1,486 to 487. Incumbent Trustee Kera McLoughlin was returned with 976 votes; challenger and first-time candidate Laura Reich …


West Hempstead School District budget passed

Residents in the West Hempstead School District voted to support the 2019-20 budget on Tuesday, by a vote of 1,233 to 1,012. In addition, incumbents Karen Brohm and Patricia Greaves were …

Voters approve $40.2M budget, elect challengers over incumbents for East Rockaway Board of Education

Voters approved the East Rockaway School District's $40.2 million budget for 2019-20 and elected challengers Kristen O'Hagan and Peter McNally to the Board of Education over fellow challenger Theresa Devlin and incumbent Kristin Ochtera.

Valley Stream 2019 school board, school budget results

Residents in Valley Stream's three elementary school districts voted today for their Board of Education candidate picks as well as whether not to approve the Central High School and elementary school …


GSNC bars Girl Scouts from participating in V.S. Camporee

Lillian Alvarez was prepared to attend her second Village of Valley Stream Camporee in June — her mother had signed the permission slip and was ready to pay the $15 camping fee — when she discovered on April 16 that the Girl Scouts won’t be allowed to attend the annual event this year.

Voters approve Oceanside School District's $157.2M budget for 2019-20

Voters in the Oceanside School District voted to approve the proposed $157.2 million budget for the 2019-20 school year and supported two Board of Education candidates in an uncontested race. The …

Valley Stream Chabad offers pre-Passover relaxation

Almost 40 women gathered at Temple Hillel on April 3 to decompress from their Passover preparations, which include destroying or selling leavened food, cleaning appliances and setting the table for the first two Seders. During the Seders — which are held on the first and second night of the holiday — Jews eat matzo, read the story of Exodus, drink four cups of wine and sing songs.


Albany must pass sex harassment bills

After the #MeToo movement exploded into the national consciousness in 2017 and 2018, New York state lawmakers recently proposed no fewer than 11 bills to strengthen the state’s sexual harassment laws.

Randi Kreiss

Riding the guilt train with no way off

Once upon a generation or so ago, there were people, mostly women, who specialized in guilt. Since I would feel too guilty singling out any age group or ethnicity, let me just say that some women were born to it.

Jerry Kremer

Hoping for the end of gerrymandering

Once every 10 years, state legislatures across the country play a game known as reapportionment. After the federal census is completed, your elected state legislators will decide . . .

Alfonse D'Amato

Higher ed needs a shake-up

It seems every politician under the sun is scrambling to deal with the out-of-control costs of higher education in the U.S. And with good cause.