Districts keep close watch on who’s attending

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To ensure that students are legal residents of the district, high school students are required to re-register before their sophomore and junior years. They must provide the same documentation as anyone new to Valley Stream schools. District 24 requires re-registration before third grade. In District 30, Superintendent Dr. Nicholas Stirling said officials are looking to pick a year to have students re-register.

In the elementary schools, students can stay for sixth grade if they move out of the district after they complete fifth grade, and the high school district allows seniors to finish up there even if they leave Valley Stream. Administrative approval is required first, however.

Tracey Nekulak, the assistant superintendent for personnel in the high school district, chairs the Residency Advisory Committee. She said the word is getting out about the tough requirements to get into Valley Stream schools. People know they “better have their ducks in a row,” she said. “We’ve established some very good protocols and you can see that.”

Nekulak explained that every new entrant is treated the same way and must provide the same documentation as anyone else to be admitted to the schools.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the schools are housing a few students who have been displaced from their homes and are now staying with family or friends in Valley Stream. Federal law treats them as homeless students, meaning they retain residency in their home district.

The high school district has welcomed three students, two from Far Rockaway and one from Long Beach. There are also four displaced students in District 24, two in District 30 and one in District 13.

High school Superintendent Dr. Bill Heidenreich said he expects those students will be in Valley Stream only on a temporary basis, as they are probably looking to return home, and to their regular school with their friends, as quickly as possible.

The districts are not obligated to provide transportation to displaced students who move into Valley Stream but attend private schools.
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