Few projects on tap for District 24

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Portions of the roof need to be repaired, Brocher said, and the radiator covers and surrounding woodwork in the some classrooms need to be replaced. Vinyl panels in some of the bathrooms are separating from the walls and also need to be fixed, he noted.

At the Robert W. Carbonaro School, Brocher said several window panels are rusting and rotting and are in need of replacement, he said. For the long term, he said it would be ideal to replace all of the windows at the three schools. Several board members noted their dissatisfaction with the windows because it’s impossible to see through most of them because the glass has been replaced with plexi-glass, which turns foggy after time.

Brocher said the heating units in the school gymnasiums need to be replaced. Board members discussed the possibility of putting air conditioning in at least one of the district’s gyms for sixth-grade graduations in June, however Brocher said it would be expensive.

In terms of security, Brocher said he would like to improve the lighting around the Carbonaro School, and add more security cameras both inside and outside of the three buildings. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn. last month, board members asked about replacing the classroom locks and doors. Brocher said that replacing the locks alone could cost upwards of $250,000, however board members say they want to at least explore any safety enhancements. “I think we have to get estimates on everything,” trustee Donna LaRocco said.

Joining the board and members of the public on the tour was new state Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages, who represents all of Valley Stream. The state’s decisions on education funding could have a major impact on how much work District 24 can do next year and beyond.

Board of Education members will now consider items discussed and observed during the building inspections as they begin the prepare the 2013-14 budget.

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