Fighting lupus one click at a time

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Miserandino, a Valley Stream resident for the last 15 years, makes speeches around the country and writes articles for a series called “The Professional Patient,” which gives people advice on dealing with an illness, like ways to find a good doctor and the proper way to file medical records. She also does a show for WebMD, “Speaking of Lupus.”

Her notoriety was not something Miserandino had planned. “I’m just a girl in ducky pajamas with a laptop who thinks I can cure the world,” she said.

About a year ago, she posted on her Facebook page that she’s probably the only one in the world with a spoon tattoo, which she has on her wrist. Not long after the post went live, she started receiving pictures of people with spoon tattoos from all over. Miserandino estimated she was sent 125 spoon tattoo pictures and said she’s amazed at what effect her essay has had on people.

“It’s definitely been this weird crossroads where your passion and your purpose become one,” she said.

Miserandino is throwing her annual “Unbirthday Bash for Lupus” at Pompeii Restaurant in West Hempstead where she raises money for the Lupus Alliance of Long Island/Queens. This year, Duane Reade is sponsoring gift bags, which will be given out to the first 100 people in attendance. Several other local businesses have made contributions to the event.

For more information about Miserandino’s efforts, check out her blog at

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