From near death to high school graduate

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Shirian said there were a few moments during his illness when she started to lose hope, but was reassured by her daughter, Danielle, that he would be fine. Her confidence strengthened when her son came out of the coma and she could see a spirit in his eyes.

Every year when the family decorates for the holidays, they pull out a Christmas musical box. Infantino had it by his side while he was in his coma, and Shirian would constantly play it. The box is a happy symbol for them, serving as a reminder of Infantino’s recovery and the importance of family.

The ordeal taught Shirian that a happy, healthy family is truly the greatest treasure. “I have a different outlook on life,” Shirian said. “Nothing can get me down. I don’t worry about money, I don’t worry about bills. I don’t worry about a new car. To me, I have everything.”

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