Rosh Hashana Message

Look to your soul for strength in 5774


Just this past week, as I was sitting in my office, a man knocked on the door. He introduced himself and wanted to sell the synagogue some office supplies from the company he represented. After we finished our business, we got talking and it turned out that he is Jewish. Soon it became clear that although he was over 50 years old, he never had the chance to don a pair of Teffilin (Jewish prayer items). I immediately brought out a pair and he laid Teffilin for the first time, with tears streaming from his eyes.

This scene got me thinking. What is it that makes a Jew, who never donned Tefillin before, cry? Why, if he never cared enough to put them on before, did he respond so forcefully now?

And it struck me: this is the power of the soul.

It reaches across the decades until it surfaces with one beautiful expression of faith.

Our Jewish New Year is this week, beginning Wednesday evening. Now is the time to connect to your soul, hear the sound of the shofar and make a resolution to spend the next year doing some Mitzvot. Find your soul within you and it will give you strength and comfort throughout the upcoming year.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and sweet new year!

Yitzchak Goldshmid is the rabbi at Congregation Beth Shalom and Chabad Outreach Center on Rockaway Avenue in Valley Stream.