Mayor shares his duties for a day

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Mastrangelo said he hoped that the two enjoyed their half-hour stay at the Public Works facility and gained an appreciation for the work that goes on. “There’s a lot involved,” he said. “It’s a very big operation and it’s a lot to oversee.”

The group then headed to Hendrickson Park to meet with Highway Supervisor Tim Leahy and learn about some ongoing projects there. First, they looked at the stream restoration project at the north end. Village officials explained that the work is being done by outside contractors, and talked about the bidding process used to select a company.

Next, Eddy and ToniRaquel saw a village work crew trimming branches from a tree that were dangling as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Continuing along, they stopped at the recently renovated Community Center before finally hitting the pool complex to see the construction there. This winter, village workers are fixing up the 51-year-old locker rooms with all new pipes, plumbing fixtures, wall and floor tiles, and water heaters.

Eddy and ToniRaquel, both pool members, said they look forward to seeing the completed work when the come back next summer. They also thought it was pretty cool to see the pools without any water inside. “Look how deep it really is,” Toni said when looking into the dive pool.

Fare talked about last year’s renovations, which included a new roof and façade, as well as his long-term plans to replace the dive pool with a slide pool and an indoor pool.

The mayors headed back to Village Hall. Before going inside, they stopped at the nearby dog park where ToniRaquel and Eddy even got to meet some dogs enjoying the spring-like weather — and the new artificial turf.

Back in the board room, Eddy and ToniRaquel heard from Village Treasurer Michael Fox, who manages the budget and oversees all spending. Fox told the honorary mayors how the village pays for all the various projects they just saw.

The mayors enjoyed a pizza lunch and got some goodies from the village including a Valley Stream flag, pin, flashlight, pencils, local history books and citations signed by the real mayor. Fare said he will see the two of them again, as next year Eddy and ToniRaquel will enter South High School.

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