New faces for new Assembly seat

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Wright: I have a bright vision for Belmont Park that includes a vibrant racing association that will work hand in hand with the local community to bring its own unique identity to the area. Just as Saratoga is known for its world class track and related facilities, so too should the Elmont and Floral Park communities. This is a tremendous economic engine that could be tapped for jobs, tourism, shopping, dining and all forms of hospitality. The local colleges should be encouraged to concentrate on the equine sciences in order to attract new generations of racing and related professions to the region. Let’s get this done for the betterment of the local communities.

Herald: Why do you feel you are the best candidate for the job?

Wright: I feel that I am the best candidate for the job because I have a clear vision for the 22nd Assembly District, and the professional credentials and experience to accomplish my goals. I am an attorney who has broad experience in the private sector, as well as the governmental sector. I understand the complex economic issues that face our state and affect the local communities that make up this district. Together with my wife, I am raising my family here, I own a home here and I pay taxes here. I have been involved in my community for more than 10 years. As a coach, I have a strong commitment to the youth of the area. I value the contributions of our senior citizens, and want to work for them, so that they can enjoy their golden years in comfort, dignity and economic stability. I have keen insight into the plight of the over burdened middle-class and believe I have the background, education and skills to fight for them, and all the residents of the 22nd District. I am an independent thinker, and believe this brand new district needs and deserves a new face with a new name, the Wright name, for the job.

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