North seniors prepare for future


Six years at North High School have dwindled to mere weeks and the class of 2014 is about to start new chapters of their academic lives. College, new experiences and a fresh start are just a few short months away.
While final tests still loom and their last high school assignments are still to be completed, a few North seniors reflected on their time in high school.

Jacqueline Vulpis

College: University of Michigan

Plans to study: Biomedical engineering 

Dream job: Stem cell research and tissue and nerve re-growth

Elementary School: Willow Road

Activities: Drama, student council, women’s choir, softball

Best high school memory: Getting to start my pulse, a drama exercise, at my last show. It’s a drama club tradition.

Summer plans: I work at a day camp. 


Samantha Ford

College: Harvard

Plans to study: Chemical and physical biology, minor in Spanish

Dream job:

Elementary School: James A. Dever

Activities: Yearbook, orchestra, chorus, newspaper, cheerleading, badminton, started Pre-Med Club. 

Best high school memory: Being in orchestra and having the opportunity to work with seventh graders. 

Summer plans: I’m going up to Harvard early. I have a work-study job up there so I’m going to be learning my way around the area. 


Tianna Irving

College: Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education 

Plans to study: Medical program

Dream job: Doctor

Elementary School: Howell Road 

Activities: Volleyball, track and field, chorus orchestra, grade council, tutoring

Best high school memory: The Washington D.C. trip this year.  

Summer plans: I’m going to volunteer at Franklin Hospital and I am going to a pre-matriculation program at school. 


Ritwik Bhatia

College: Cornell

Plans to study: Human Biology, Health and Society

Dream job: Team doctor for New York Mets

Elementary School: Howell Road 

Activities: Newspaper, Student Peer Organization, Mathletes and tennis.  

Best high school memory: When we had our Washington D.C. trip.  

Summer plans: I’ll still be doing Community Band at the band shell near the library. I play percussion.  

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