Barrett Park recreationists make the most of the summer


Between 250 and 300 Valley Stream children take part in the Barrett Summer Recreation Program each year, and some even return as counselors when they are older.

“We pride ourselves on the children having a fun and safe time while providing them a chance to have fun and play outside,” said Nicole Winter, the program director.

Every half hour in the program, the children are doing something new. Their group, assigned based on their grade, will rotate between sports, arts and crafts and a free choice in which children get to choose what activities they would like to do. “There’s chalk and jump ropes and scooters,” said Winter.

Children in the program also go to a Learning Corner, where they can experiment with Mentos in Coca-Cola or make their own volcano. The younger children use the opportunity to play with instruments.

There are other days in the program in which the children may go on trips. Trips include Long Island destinations such as Adventureland, Splish Splash and the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Most recently, the children went to Splish Splash on Aug. 2.

Some days are also designated for a special purpose. For example, the week of July 31 through Aug. 4 was designated as “spirit week,” for children to dress up in colors and costumes. To end the festivities, on Aug. 4, the children will participate in

“carnival day.” “Each group will make their own booth and the kids will go booth to booth winning prizes,” Winter said.

The program runs from June 29 to Aug. 11. It costs incorporated village residents $240 for their first child to sign up and $105 for each additional child. It costs residents of the Central High School District $290 for their first child and $140 for each additional child.